Episode 102: The Forgiven, The Contractor, Black Phone

We review The Forgiven, where a random accident on the lives of both the local Muslims, and Western visitors to a house party. The Contractor explores what happens when a discharged veteran needs to find money to help his family and takes a questionable job. Finally the cult hit Black Phone is a paranormal thriller […]






Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

I am a sucker for all things nostalgic. I love being able to show my daughter movies that give her a tie back to my childhood and talk about life back in the old times. i love how both Ghostbusters Afterlife and Frozen Empire did that for us! Is it the finest movie of the year...well no. Did it give us a good time that left us laughing and talking about all of the call backs to the original movies....yes. Over all we had a great time and I will give it a Hoskins. Eric & Sophia

Shazam Fury of the Gods

The truly frustrating thing about "Fury of the Gods" is all the potential it contains.  I honestly feel that this movie got a lot of hate because bashing on DC is the fun thing to do right now. My major criticism of this movie is the special effects.  At points in the movie, the special effects are vibrant and brilliant.  You honestly believe there is a real-life dragon on screen, then in the next scene, the same dragon appears to be something from a video game recording or clip art. Zachary...

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Diving once again into the Spider-Verse is a delight; unlike many well-worn and exhausted Marvel products, the potential of this franchise feels endless.  This might be the best superhero movie since “End Game” and “into the Spider-Verse.” The animation is so vibrant that you must see this movie on the big screen.  Across The Spider-verse is, quite simply, one of the most entertaining comic book movies of the last few years. Non Spoiler – Spoiler alert.  Be advised that this is a two-part...

Ted Lasso – Season 3

What makes it work, always, is that the characters are warm, accessible, and hilarious.  I love that Ted Lasso made kindness funny instead of just cutting everyone down as we see in most TV series. The third season scores another goal, managing to develop the characters without losing the tone that makes it special.  I am hopeful for a Richmond spin-off on Apple TV. #beagoldfish #footballislife


65 is essentially a big-budget version of a simple, made-for-streaming creature feature, nothing more and nothing less.  Adam Driver isn’t at his best in this outing but his costar Ariana Greenblatt shines. My biggest issue with 65, it felt like I had already watched this movie when it was called “After Earth.”  Wait for it to stream, but it is worth a viewing, especially if you like dinosaurs.

John Wick: Chapter 4

While the action is absolutely terrific, it really is the cast that keeps this train running. Expect three hours of furious fistfights, stylish cinematography, and some of the industry’s best stunt performances. If you are an action junkie, you need to see this on the big screen.

Othy’s Top Shows of 2022

Honorable mention – Tulsa King – Taylor Sheridan keeps the drama coming. 5. Peacemaker. James Gunn made the “Skip Intro” button obsolete. 4. Black Bird. Larry Hall has to be the most underrated actor working. 3. House of the Dragon. Season one is character-building, but it brings the familiarity of GOT. 2. Severance. – I am not sure if I am smart enough to understand this show, but I enjoyed it. 1. Andor. I don’t know all of the Star Wars lore, but I loved the spy aspect of this...

Othy’s Top 5 Movies of 2022

Honorable mention – Violent Night. – Silly and fun.  This could make it into everyone’s Christmas movie rotation. Everything Everywhere All at Once. I am glad to see my favorite Goonie back on the big screen. Glass Onion – A Knifes Out Mystery. Lacks the charm of the original, but is still a blast. Prey. – Incredible visuals and story with a small budget. I hope we get more from this world. Top Gun: Maverick. – This was almost a perfect movie. One to be viewed on the big screen. The Batman. –...

Othy’s Worst Movies of 2022

Honorable mention – Morbius. – There are so many things wrong with this movie. 5.Fantastic Beast: The Secrets of Dumbledore. – You would think with a world as big as Harry Potter’s they could give us a good story. This movie was a mess. 4.Uncharted. – Two hours of Mark Wahlberg playing Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland playing Tom Holland. 3.Elvis. – Most will disagree. I wanted a movie about Elvis not about Colonel Tom Parker. 2.The 355. – I didn’t know an action movie could be this boring....

Dunestone’s Top 3 Movies From Our 100th Episode

For the 100th Episode, the DuneStone crew selected their top three movies they have reviewed over the course of all their podcasts.  Here are their results.  (comment if you agree or disagree) Eric's Top 3 - 3: Uncut Gems - 2: The Fundamentals of Caring - 1: Blindspotting. Russ's Top 3 - 3: An American Pickel - 2: Moonlight - 1 Uncut Gems Othy's Top 3 - 3: Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot - 2: Hearts Beat Loud - 1: The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Batman

As a huge fan of Batman, I was very excited back when this movie was first announced with Ben Affleck directing and starring.  Things changed quickly when he dropped out of directing and was replaced with Matt Reeves and Ben returning as Batman.  Then in a quick turn, Ben dropped out of staring which allowed Matt to direct his version of Batman.  And what Matt delivered was a spectacular masterpiece. The Batman has themes from movies such as Chinatown, Seven, and Zodiac all rolled into one. ...

The Batman

A most interesting take on The Batman that works so well. We have grown accustomed to seeing the Dark Night as a fully fleshed out character. We expect Suave Bruce Wayne by day and caped crusader by night. Was there not bound to be problems in the beginning, growing pains and doubts. The theme of questions saturates this film with more layers then an onion. Pattinson embodies this character with loathing and angst so well. This film somehow transported me back to the first time I saw Brandon...


Worth is a substantial film about the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund that addresses whether it is possible to put a price tag on a life. Michael Keaton delivers some of his best work since Birdman in Worth.  "Worth" is an intelligent and empathetic drama that's definitely worth your time.


James Gunn has to be the only director in the world that can make us care for a Tree, a Shark, and now an Eagle.  Eagly, Peacemaker’s sidekick is by far the scene stealer of this show. Cena was a stand-out in The Suicide Squad, an impressive feat considering the cast, and what is crazier yet, he is even better in Peacemaker.  I wasn’t sure what we were in for after watching the first opening dance montage, but Gunn made the “Skip Intro” button obsolete with this series. I cannot say enough...

The Last Duel

The Last Duel is a movie that demands a lot from its audience, it’s both emotionally and intellectually exhausting.  It was refreshing to see a story being told from three different viewpoints. There is enough dramatic material, excellent performances, and engaging moments of gruesome action that make The Last Duel is interesting and compelling to watch from start to finish.  If you’re a fan of director Ridley Scott, you need to give The Last Duel a viewing.