Ted Lasso – Season 3

What makes it work, always, is that the characters are warm, accessible, and hilarious.  I love that Ted Lasso made kindness funny instead of just cutting everyone down as we see in most TV series.

The third season scores another goal, managing to develop the characters without losing the tone that makes it special.  I am hopeful for a Richmond spin-off on Apple TV.

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Othy’s Top Shows of 2022

Honorable mention – Tulsa King – Taylor Sheridan keeps the drama coming.

5. Peacemaker. James Gunn made the “Skip Intro” button obsolete.

4. Black Bird. Larry Hall has to be the most underrated actor working.

3. House of the Dragon. Season one is character-building, but it brings the familiarity of GOT.

2. Severance. – I am not sure if I am smart enough to understand this show, but I enjoyed it.

1. Andor. I don’t know all of the Star Wars lore, but I loved the spy aspect of this show.


James Gunn has to be the only director in the world that can make us care for a Tree, a Shark, and now an Eagle.  Eagly, Peacemaker’s sidekick is by far the scene stealer of this show.

Cena was a stand-out in The Suicide Squad, an impressive feat considering the cast, and what is crazier yet, he is even better in Peacemaker.  I wasn’t sure what we were in for after watching the first opening dance montage, but Gunn made the “Skip Intro” button obsolete with this series.

I cannot say enough good things about Peacemaker.  It is loud, raunch, gory, heartwarming, and hilarious.  Peacemaker feels perfectly in sync with the spirit and tone of The Suicide Squad, and offers another reason why Gunn’s incredible talents might be the one thing Marvel and DC fans can both agree on.  If you are a fan of superheros or great storying telling, Peacemaker is a must watch.

Othy’s Top 5 TV Series of 2021

Honorable Mention – “Invincible.”  The only reason this did not crack the top five, its an animated series.  I really enjoyed this series, and the voice talent is amazing.  J.K. Simmons is fantastic as Omni-Man.  If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, you will recognize almost all of the voices in this series.  If you can look past this being animated, give it a shot.

5-“Only Murders in the Building.” Nothing new from Steve Martin or Martin Short, but they deliver on the laughs.  You can tell the two of them were having fun throughout the entire series.  Selena Gomez gives an outstanding performance as Mabel.  She almost steals scenes away from Martin.  If you need a laugh, Only Murders in the Building is available on Hulu.

4- “Dopesick.”  Like the drug at the center of the drama, Dopesick is, in the most positive sense of the word, addictive.  I was hooked within the first 20 minutes.  Dopesick depicts the rise and fall of Oxycontin and the Sackler family.  Very informative, yet you will be upset with pharmaceutical industry after watching.

3- “Hawkeye.”  Definitely the most grounded of all the Marvel series this year.  I am a sucker for New York City at Christmas.  The city adds to the charm of the show.  A fun, free-wheeling action show energized by scene-stealing Hailee Steinfeld.

2- “WandaVision.”  It is a slow burn to start.  Once you get past the first three episodes, the action picks up.  Elizabeth Olsen is a powerhouse, it required guts to start the MCU television history with a sitcom mashup. Marvel took their best female character and developed the hell out of it.  A must watch for all Marvel fans.

1- “Ted Lasso” The rare series which appeals to almost everyone. I have yet to find a person who has said they haven’t enjoyed it.  Ted Lasso might be the best feel-good show I have ever watched.  It is a must watch for everyone.


Like the drug at the center of the drama, Dopesick is, in the most positive sense of the word, addictive.I was hooked within the first 20 minutes.  Dopesick depicts the rise and fall of Oxycotin and the Sackler family.

Dopesick has an incredible lineup of actors including Michael Keaton, Kaitlyn Dever, Will Poulter, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Peter Sarsgard to name a few.  All who deliver stellar performances.  If you are looking for an informative but not preachy mini series, Dopesick is worth a try.


In an over saturated genre of superhero shows, Invincible manages to rise above them as a bloody good time. It delivers a new take on classic superhero cartoons, with spectacular gory action and a mature storyline. The animation itself is great, for the most part, and the voice acting is exceptional. Invincible has some incredible voice talent from J.K. Simmons to Zachary Quinto, and even Mark Hamill.

The story is filled with great mysteries and the finale is emotionally impactful. The show does slow down in the middle and the teen drama tends to feel at odds with the colossal superhero storyline around it.  If you’re a fan of animated shows with adult themes, I would highly recommend Invincible.  (Season 2 & 3 have been greenlit)

Defending Jacob

This miniseries is interesting, gripping, and accomplished what it set out to achieve which is making the viewer continuously question “did he do it?”  Defending Jacob is a compelling story about a boy charged for murder as his bully is found murdered a park near his house. The show focuses on how everything changes immensely for family once their child becomes main suspect in a murder case.

Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell giving us very realistic performances.  It is difficult to see Chris Evans as any character other than Captain America, and there is a bit of Cap in his performance.  I will say this: Was Defending Jacob worth Watching?  Absolutely.

Tiger King

Where do I even start with this Dumpster Fire of a documentary.  The majority of documentaries we review have a point or story to tell, I am still at a loss for what Tiger King was about.  Tiger King sells itself on its increasingly bizarre twists.  My best guess is that Tiger King is a cautionary tale about letting feuds die quickly before they get out of hand.

I was late to the Tiger King party and only started watching it to understand all the social media memes and comments.  But I was completely hooked within the first thirty minutes. 

I feel this show could not have hit at a more perfect time.  The entire world is practicing social distancing and looking for something entertaining to ease our minds, and Netflix did not disappoint with Tiger King.

You have more than likely watched all of Tiger King before clicking on this review, if not, definitely give it a chance.  It is trash TV at its best. 


This Netflix miniseries follows Dracula from his origins in Eastern Europe to his battles with Van Helsing’s descendants in modern times. 

The first two episodes of Dracula we brilliant and captivating.  Claes Bang is amazingly talented and delivers a wild twist on Dracula.  The third and final episode felt rushed and hurt the overall story.  I feel that this story could have used a few more episodes to really flush out the characters they tried to introduce in the last episode. 

This is no Twilight.  No sparkles, just dark gory fun.  Go ahead and sink your teeth into Dracula. 


I am not sure why I put off watching Hunters, an Amazon original series for so long.  I was captivated within the first fifteen minutes of the episode one. 

Hunters follows Josh (Logan Lerman) a young Jewish man in the 1970s who is bent on seeking revenge for his murdered grandmother.  While investigating her murder he befriends a secret group of Nazi hunters organized by Myer (Al Pacino). 

Hunters offers a traffic cast along with an incredible story.  The performances are strong, the twists are fun, and the series never takes itself too seriously.   The ending made me step back a bit in shock and built up greater anticipation for season two.  If you are looking for something to binge, I highly recommend Hunters.