Dunestone Rating System: The Bobert Scale

When 3 idiots choose a ratings system, you have to know that it is going to be idiotic..right? So we present to you the DSR Bobert Scale it is a way for us to rank our thoughts on movies and pay homage to some of the great actors or our generation and some of the greatish actors. The DSR Bobert scale is a 10 point ranking system with each # represented by some of our favorite Robert/Rob/Bob’s to hit our movie screens. Please enjoy and feel free to disagree

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” — Mark Twain

10- Robert De Niro

      One of the greatest actors we have ever seen. The gold standard for roles in (The Godfather II, Raging Bull, Awakenings). The best of the best by DSR standards.

9- Robert Redford

      A Natural, it doesn’t matter if he’s acting, producing, or directing. Redford has been doing it for over 50 years and never disappoints.

8- Robert Duvall

      Nominated for roles in The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Apostle, and The Judge. Every time he pops up in a movie, we find ourselves saying “I love Robert Duvall”.

7- Robert Downey Jr.

      Other than Chaplin, what movie has Downey been nominated for an Oscar for? TROPIC THUNDER!!! Still our Ironman.

6- Bob Hoskins

      A British actor that has acted American most of his career. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mona Lisa, and of course MARIO!

5- Bob Odenkirk

      It’s All Good Man.

4- Bob Saget

Obviously Danny Tanner is not winning any awards but a part of our childhood that always brings back fond memories.

3- Robert Patrick

      Best known for his role in T2 Judgement Day, you know the one where most of his lines were him moving his mouth to someone else speaking.

2- Rob Schneider

      We love Rob Schneider, but if we hear “You can do it” one more time!

1- Robert Pattinson

      Uh, sparkling vampires.