Honorable Mention – “Invincible.”  The only reason this did not crack the top five, its an animated series.  I really enjoyed this series, and the voice talent is amazing.  J.K. Simmons is fantastic as Omni-Man.  If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, you will recognize almost all of the voices in this series.  If you can look past this being animated, give it a shot.

5-“Only Murders in the Building.” Nothing new from Steve Martin or Martin Short, but they deliver on the laughs.  You can tell the two of them were having fun throughout the entire series.  Selena Gomez gives an outstanding performance as Mabel.  She almost steals scenes away from Martin.  If you need a laugh, Only Murders in the Building is available on Hulu.

4- “Dopesick.”  Like the drug at the center of the drama, Dopesick is, in the most positive sense of the word, addictive.  I was hooked within the first 20 minutes.  Dopesick depicts the rise and fall of Oxycontin and the Sackler family.  Very informative, yet you will be upset with pharmaceutical industry after watching.

3- “Hawkeye.”  Definitely the most grounded of all the Marvel series this year.  I am a sucker for New York City at Christmas.  The city adds to the charm of the show.  A fun, free-wheeling action show energized by scene-stealing Hailee Steinfeld.

2- “WandaVision.”  It is a slow burn to start.  Once you get past the first three episodes, the action picks up.  Elizabeth Olsen is a powerhouse, it required guts to start the MCU television history with a sitcom mashup. Marvel took their best female character and developed the hell out of it.  A must watch for all Marvel fans.

1- “Ted Lasso” The rare series which appeals to almost everyone. I have yet to find a person who has said they haven’t enjoyed it.  Ted Lasso might be the best feel-good show I have ever watched.  It is a must watch for everyone.