Honorable Mention – “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse.”  You would think with all the incredible source material Hollywood would be able to make a good movie.  The only reason this movie didn’t break the top five, it has a few action senses that are phenomenal.

5-“Halloween Kills.”  I was sad this move made the list.  The last Halloween movie was incredible.  This movie focused more on gore and less on character.

4- “Outside the Wire.”  Hollywood is really trying to make Anthony Mackie a thing or his agent it terrible.  Poorly paced movie with too many plot holes.

3- “Gunpowder Milkshake.”  The name should have been enough for me to avoid.  An incredible cast without anything to do.

2- “F9.” John Cena couldn’t even save this mess.  I see why the Rock left the franchise.  I mean they take a car to outer space.

1- “Space Jam a New Legacy.”  Just call it what it was, “CASH GRAB”. I honestly forgot they were playing basketball.  The best parts of this movie where the 2D animations.  I enjoyed LeBron in “Trainwreck” back in 2015, but what was he doing here.  This might be the worst movie I have seen in the past decade and I sat through “Jungle”.