Bloodshot is an action packed comic movie that is so predictable you can guess the outcome in the first 20 minutes.  This movie had such great potential to usher in a different comic book movie outside the realms of the Marvel movies, but the acting and pace didn’t live up to the billing.

The movie is action packed and has some incredible visual effects, but that’s about it.  The story, dialog, and pacing seem like they were pulled from an old 80 action movie.  Vin Diesel and Guy Pearce are stale in both their rolls.  Eiza Gonalez and Sam Heughan are both forgettable.  It felt that the actors could only take the writing so far, and that wasn’t far enough to bring this movie home.

If you are looking for something with a lot of action, this is your movie.  Otherwise watch the trailer and you have seen the movie.