Where do I even start with this Dumpster Fire of a documentary.  The majority of documentaries we review have a point or story to tell, I am still at a loss for what Tiger King was about.  Tiger King sells itself on its increasingly bizarre twists.  My best guess is that Tiger King is a cautionary tale about letting feuds die quickly before they get out of hand.

I was late to the Tiger King party and only started watching it to understand all the social media memes and comments.  But I was completely hooked within the first thirty minutes. 

I feel this show could not have hit at a more perfect time.  The entire world is practicing social distancing and looking for something entertaining to ease our minds, and Netflix did not disappoint with Tiger King.

You have more than likely watched all of Tiger King before clicking on this review, if not, definitely give it a chance.  It is trash TV at its best.