This show focuses on Nick (Christopher Meloni), a burnt-out copy who can see a blue unicorn named happy (Patton Oswalt).  Happy is nick’s daughters Hailey’s imaginary friend who seeks Nick out when Hailey is kidnapped.  From there, the insanity ensues. 

This show is insane.  It is rude, cruel, violent, messy, and most of all funny.  Happy is at its best when it focuses on Meloni and Oswalt’s excellent chemistry.  The little blue horse is a magical creation that looks like it was lifted from Pixar.  The series is set around Christmas in New York, and the city becomes a character all its own. 

This show reminds me of the Crank films.  Highly insane but doesn’t take itself to seriously.  If you’re looking for something different or just a good laugh, I highly recommend checking out Happy.  And as a bonus, Happy! season two is scheduled to hit Netflix on March 27th