Birds of Prey suffers from an identity issue.   Is this a comic book movie, a comedy, a feminist movement, or an action flick?  I think it tried to be all the above and ended up falling flat.  I am a hardcore fan of DC, and its very hard for me to write that I was disappointed in this movie.

I had very high hopes for this movie, but it turned out to be a total mess.  The plot and characters were all over the place.  Some of the acting was even cringe worthy.  Margot Robbie herself is fantastic and she completely embodies the Harley Quinn character, however she isn’t able to hold this movie up on her own. 

I was hoping that DC could use this movie to make up for past sins.  Unfortunately, it appears that DC will continue to scramble with their movies while Marvel will keep producing Blockbusters.  I feel DC should have stopped and asked, who wants this movie.  Judging by the box office, not many.  If you are a die-hard DC fan like myself, its worth checking out.