This movie features some heavy hitters such as Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, and Jason Clarke.  The plot follows Baker (McConaughey) a fishing boat captain that will stop at nothing to catch his elusive white whale.  The story takes shape when his ex-wife Karen (Hathaway) shows up on the island asking for a special favor.  The first hour of this movie is incredible and the acting is on point.  I found myself engrossed in this world the director created for the first hour, then the plot spirals out of control. 

The wacky twist midway through seems far-fetched and turns the movie upside-down.  This twist definitely surprised me as I feel it killed all the suspense and tension the director was building.  I am not sure how or why McConaughey and Hathaway agreed to do this movie.  They had to have read the script before production began.  My thought, McConaughey loves shooting movies around the beach so this one played right into his love of the ocean. 

It is difficult for me to rate or recommend this movie.  I truly enjoyed the first hour of this movie then it went off the rails for me.  I hope other will watch this, just so I can have a discussion of what others thought of this movie.