We all have that one friend, that when they tell a story, they take thirty minutes to tell and never truly get to the point.  That is what this movie feels like.  But instead of thirty minutes, this movie has a run time of almost three hours.

Tarantino does an incredible job of mixing historical fact and fiction together.  But I am not sure what he was trying to achieve with this mix, and I don’t know if he knew either. 

The acting is on point and this could be one of Brad Pitts best roles.  Pitt and DiCaprio have true chemistry and their buddy romance is the highlight of the movie. The film is shot beautifully and has some of the best shots of Los Angeles I have viewed on the big screen.  But the lack of story and plot killed this movie for me.

A bit of advice if you are thinking of checking this movie out, if you were born after 1969 do yourself a favor and research the murder of Sharon Tate. 

If you are a true fan of Tarantino like I am or a film fan – this movie is worth checking out.  If you’re not, this is an essay movie to skip.