No fluff, no big introduction, we are popped directly into this movie and the action starts. The way this started sucked me in immediately. There was a sense of seeing behind the scenes of what a real militia looked like and both the abnormal and extremely abnormal people that are in this group. All we know is that our featured character Gannon is not the person who shoots up a police funeral, that’s it! So I was so looking forward to figuring out who did it and the drama of how to handle the closure of this predicament. 

Unfortunately we never got there, this movie just became about over the top dialogue and anger outbursts. This was so close to a good movie in the idea of it but the execution just missed. Also a couple of major issues I had: First of all the funeral is happening at dusk or nighttime? Why? Also the idea of multiple people confessing to something they did not do just to get notoriety seemed far fetched. 

The message of the police force and the militia both having the same mindset and brotherhood was something I left the movie thinking about. It was really left out there for the viewer to contemplate and make up their own minds on.  Overall this was not necessarily a good movie but is was thought-provoking.