High Life was off course from the beginning, or maybe more appropriately it had a course to nowhere and that is where it went? The performance by Robert Pattinson was not bad at all but the rest of the movie is shot in such a way the viewer feels the darkness and void of space. But it has weird music and weird intense violence and sex. Nothing was cohesive because once again the direction of the movie was off.

Now I know that this is supposed to be a commentary on life and our needs for people and blah, blah, blah… but this is overplayed and frankly a bad plot for the movie. If there was a better focus on the relationship between him and the child and their hope for their future, then maybe this movie works better, but the plot of these criminals in space was bizarre. The only part of sci-fy is that they are in space, they could have set the scene in a trailer park or a desert, i still wouldn’t care. Pass on this!