Are you in search of a super hero movie where you can turn your brain off for two hours and just enjoy the spectacle on the big screen?  If so, this is absolutely the movie for you. 

               This origin story follows Billy Batson (Asher Angel), a 14 year old foster kid on the run who is granted the powers of a superhero from a wizard without truly knowing why.  Imagine what you would have done at 14 if you were granted the powers of Superman.  This movie reminds me of “Big” with superpowers. 

               Zachary Levi, the adult Shazam, completely captures a youth like naïve charm of a young kid in an adult body.  Freddy Freeman portrayed by Jack Grazer is the scene stealer of this movie.  This young kid showcases what everyone would do if their best friend had superpowers.  The underlying theme of family and what family means to everyone is well thought-out but not forced.  The writers could have gone the typical cliché route of making Billy come to terms with his mother, but decided to showcase family being more than just having parents.

                 The villain, portrayed by Mark Strong has a strong back-story, but lacks true depth to become a solid DC villain.  The case in most of these superhero movies.  Luckily it can be overlooked thanks to the foster kid’s performances. 

               This is defiantly not a DC mainstream superhero, but if you are into superhero movies you should definitely give this one a watch.