This movie features a lot of great action but lacks on substance.  American Renegades follows a team of Navy Seals in war-torn Europe that are informed of a hidden treasure of gold by one of the team member’s local girlfriend. 

               In an effort to help the locals and the beautiful Sylvia Hoeks, the team decides to execute a rogue mission to retrieve the gold.  With the gold buried deep beneath a lake, the team must outwit the local government and time crunch to obtain the gold before they are forced to ship out.  

               If you love America, you will love this movie.  The overall issue I had with this movie, there was never any real sense of danger or stakes for this team.  They were able to get out of any jam with the use of firearms.  Even the talented J.K. Simmons couldn’t save this movie.

               I kept waiting to see “Based on True Events” come up during the credits.  This films throwback vibe to 90s action flicks could have worked if the plot wasn’t so overly aggressive.  If you are a fan of old school actions, you might want to give this flick a watch.