This is a movie based on a true story, and wow what a story it is. This movie was very tough to watch because of the subject matter of drug use and prison life. The story follows a English boxer that after years of drug abuse finds himself facing a lengthy sentence in a Thailand prison. Prison in our culture paints a different picture then this representation of a Thailand prison. What a sad place to be and end up.

But as it happens in a lot of prisons, Billy’s drug use doesn’t end with his being locked up. Billy continues to find ways to get high and basically waste away his prison days. In the first night of his stay in prison there is a terrible rape scene that I wish that I could un-watch. It is a scene that sticks with you even though you don’t want it. Tough to watch. Tough life to choose. Then Billy finds himself in an equally awkward love affair that drives him deeper into his addiction.

This movie ends with a positive and even brings in the real life Billy, but it is really not that uplifting of film. It mires in the deep and dark too long and is hard to recover from. I say pass on this movie.