Captivating performances cannot save a non-linear timeline that distracts from the overall narrative.  Bad Times at the El Royale follows seven strangers who meet up in a once bustling motel; their paths cross as each try to hide their own hidden agendas.    

               Jeff Bridges as Father Daniel gives one of his best performances since Crazy Heart.  Cynthia Erivo shines as a down on her luck singer making her way to Reno for work.  Her story was the most compelling to me, and I feel we will see big things from this actress.  The rest of the cast has some heavy hitters such as Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson, and Jon Hamm.  Unfortunately, those three seem to be acting in a completely different movie. 

               This movie had so many different stories happening at the same time, it was hard to keep up with which character was where at any point of the movie.  The non-linear storytelling only adds to the confusion. I feel this movie could have been saved with the elimination of a few characters or cutting the run time down from two and a half hours. 

               If you are a fan of the Hateful Eight, there is a good chance you will enjoy this movie and should give it a shot.