This movie is absolutely lacks any type of identity.  What could have been an impelling mystery or “who did it” quickly becomes “who cares?”  The story follows Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) a single mother who befriends Emily, (Blake Lively) a stylish mother with impeccable tastes.  Emily goes missing and Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate.

               This movie feels like a mash up episode of keeping up with the Kardashians and Dateline.  The ending itself feels more like a comedy than anything.

               I will admit the first forty minutes of this movie are stylish with some interesting dialog between the two characters.  Unfortunately, neither Anna nor Blake can save this plot with their acting.  Anna Kendrick needs a new agent.  She can defiantly act, but unfortunately keeps getting placed in the same disposable role of the adorable goofball.  It is very hard watch her character go from a naïve mother to an absolute badass over the course of this movie. 

               I do not recommend seeking this movie out, but it might be worth a watch when it comes to TNT.