Is there anything worse than when a movie trailer gives away the entire movie?  Not in my opinion.  And that is exactly what happened with The Girl In the Spiders Web.  Lisbeth Salander is out for revenge again in this adaption of the fourth book in this series.  (Note this book was not written by Stieg Larosn)

               Everyone was recast for this follow up to David Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.   I must admit, I was excited to see what Claire Foy from Netflix’s Crown fame could do in this role, unfortunately she was underwhelming.  They treat Lisbeth as a tech avenging super hero who can do anything with her cell phone.  She is able to wield her cell phone the same way Harry Potter uses his wand.  It literally gets her out of every jam in this movie. 

               The overall plot is riddled with holes and you can see each twist coming from a mile.  At one point I found myself writing down what would happen next and show my girlfriend to confirm how predictable this movie was.  I should have known they would not be able to capture the same magic as David Fincher’s adaption.  Unless you absolutely love these books, you can watch the trailer alone and save yourself the two hours of pain.