Assassination Nation could have been an interesting take on a modern day telling of the Salem witch trials, instead it turns into a PSA for the importance cell phone security and privacy. 

               We follow senior Lily, a young teen who is incredibly intellectual on the surface, but is trying to cope with what it means to be a teen in this day and age.  She and her three friends fight to stay alive when the town goes crazy as everyone’s personal cell phone information is hacked and leaked online.  Imagine every single text, picture, and search on your phone being shared with everyone in your home town, then amplify that with everyone’s information being shared as well. 

               This could have been a great movie to focus on the importance of privacy or the general idea that nothing is private in today’s world.  Instead this movie decided to become ultra violent and overly sexual to the point of making it difficult to watch.  There are much better ways of depicting terror and isolation than what Sam Levinson decided to do. 

               At no point do I recommend watching this move.  Not even for hardcore horror fans.