The final season of House of Cards (season six) absolutely proves that one star can make or break a show.  The removal of Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood due to his sexual assault accusations completely threw this show off the rails.  The overall plot over the last few seasons was building up to have Robin Wrights character of Claire Underwood take the spotlight.  But instead of using the momentum they had built with the previous story line showing Claire’s rise to power, the show decided to make her ruthless monarch.

The final season shows Claire using every ounce of power she has as the President to remain in power while not accomplishing anything as the first female President.  Instead of raising women up and empowering them, she spends the season fighting with Doug Stamper and his trials to keep the memory of Frank Underwood alive. There are some great twist and turns in the season, but cannot recapture the true core of what made this show so great in its first five seasons. The best part of this season is that you only have to sit through eight episodes and not thirteen like seasons past.

If you have yet to give House of Cards a chance, I highly recommend watching the first four seasons.  I truly believe that is was once one of Netflix’s best original programming.