If you enjoy gruesome torture, copious amounts of gore, over the top action, and gratuitous sex then this might be the movie for you.  This movie reminds me of the “straight to DVD” release.  This must be why Netflix picked it up.

The story follows Mads Mikkelsen a soon to be retired hit man who’s agency would rather kill off then pay him his retirement package.  While in seclusion he befriends a young girl Vanessa Hudgens who has a dark motive of her own.  Mads must go after his very own agency to ensure his survival.

This movie struggles with its own identity.   At some points it takes itself too seriously then abruptly cutting to a ridiculous action scene that is reminiscent of “The Big Hit.”   The main villain is too over the top and laughable.  The relationships between Mads and Vanessa could have been flushed out a bit more to make this movie more compelling.  I wasn’t mad after I watched this movie, but knew I could have spent a hour and a half of my day in a better way.

If you love over the top action, this flick is worth a watch.