Vice: (IMDB 7.2 : Rotten Tomatoes 57%)

Every year there is some movie nominated for best picture that after watching I go what the hell? This turd is that! Now understand that I lean republican but I am not a political person. I don’t side with republicans on all things and I do not think all democrats are wrong. This movie is about the rise of Vice President Dick Chaney and his rise from nothing to one of the highest roles in American politics.

This movie is a scathing attack on one individual that believes it knows the motives, emotions, and cunning of one man. They pretend to know the deepest secrets of this man and believe he has zero redeemable qualities. I commented in my notebook while watching this that I have seen more compassion shown to Hitler then this movie does for Chaney. President Bush is portrayed by Rockwell as a constantly drunk buffoon, not saying it is wrong, but once again zero redeeming qualities. The only positive I have about this movie is that Bale looked and sounded just like Chaney, which is why I didn’t give this movie the worst rating. But the scene with him and Adams doing¬†Shakespearean¬†prose¬†as the Chaney’s was mind numbing and not funny.

Vice is typical political BS that Hollywood continues to step in. The scenes about Chaney’s relationship with his daughter and the fake ending of the movie just to tell you more about how he was a terrible father too. By the way, how can you say that a parent should be proud of a gay child then turn around and disgrace that person for not hiding the situation? Hypocrisy, hate, typical! In his acceptance speech for his golden globe, Bale thanked the devil for being himself. Bale has played con-men, people who ripped of the american people, serial killers, not to mention making me sit through that Terminator Salvation movie and never apologizing.

Even though this movie was written by the guy who produced every Will Farrell movie in the past 10 years, I guess I am surprised it wasn’t at least a little funny. I had watched enough to this point and shut this trash off. I regret giving this movie a Schneider because he is way funnier than this movie is.