Can You Ever Forgive Me? (IMDB 7.3, Rotten Tomatoes 83%)

Can you ever forgive me is the last thing I think Lee Israel would have asked in response to her actions as laid out in this movie. This film is based on a true story and after watching, I went in and did some reading about the real story. The movie does not stray far from what I read really happened in what seems like a reality stranger than fiction scenario.

Melissa McCarthy was nominated for a Best Actress by the Academy for her portrayal of Israel. Julianne Moore was originally to play the role but backed out and McCarthy took over. McCarthy did a fantastic job in the role, BUT this seems like a typical and perfect role for McCarthy. The real performance in this movie is from Richard Grant who is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jack Hock. He was perfect in every way in this movie and deserves the recognition.

All in all I thought Can you ever forgive me was a good watch. It is shocking to me how selfish Israel is and how she really believes she deserves the earning she is getting from selling the fraudulent works, because it is her writing. The arrogance and selfishness effects every relationship she is involved in. In the end I did not believe the Israel character is redeemed and was actually rewarded for her behavior. That was the struggle of the movie, to watch an unlikable person do unlikable things, but still enjoy the story and how it was told.

I would recommend this movie and will give it a Duvall