Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

Tired of the same old animation style and want to see something that is completely different?  If that holds true for you, Spiderman – Into the Spider Verse is the movie for you.

I loved this movie.  The overall story is so long and interwoven between different universes, it would be very difficult to explain in a short review.  Instead, I will just give you the things I loved about this movie.  First the animation was something no one has ever seen before.  They director and animators were able to use a style that was reflected from each different universe and make it work in one universe without the moviegoer ever noticing.   There are so many relationships explored in this movie and each one of them are flushed out effectively.  I loved the relationship with Miles and his father.  It is one that I see being looked over as I read other reviews.  There are so many great Easter Eggs if you are a true Spiderman fan.  I feel that this might be Stan Lee’s best cameo.  I loved the reimagining of the villains instead of using straight comic book cross over’s.  The Prowler stole each action scene he was in and showed true depth when he learned of Miles secret.  I cannot say enough good things about this movie.  I truly hope it wins best animated picture at the Oscars this year.

My one and only complaint of this movie, is where I saw this movie.  I made the decision to see this movie in 4DX.  If you are unfamiliar with 4DX, the movie is interactive where the seats move and things happing on the screen such as snow happen in the theater.  There was a ton of web swinging in this movie which caused my seat to move a ton.  At some points, the seats and other interactions in the theater took me out of the movie.  I might be old fashioned, so I think I will stick with IMAX 2D movies.