Where do I start with this movie?  First I have to admit I was so pumped to see this one in IMAX.  I have been excited since they announced Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) would be playing Arthur Curry (see picture). I grew up loving the DC world and to me, Aquaman was a laughable character.  But when Snyder cast Jason to play him, Aquaman became a badass.

I will start with my list of positives.  It appears that WB has course corrected or learned from their mistakes of BvS and Justice League.  This movie was fun and had a linear story.  The chemistry between all the actors really made this movie come to life.  Jason and Amber chemistry was one of the highlights of the movie.  The special effects were on point throughout the entire movie.  I keep waiting to see a Tron Legacy or a Green Lantern effect, but this movie didn’t have any slip ups in my mind.  (Lets just stop and give accolades to a team of people that spent two years animating under water hair.  That’s right a group of people spent months making sure that Arthur and Mera’s hair was on point underwater).  WB spent 200 million to produce this picture and when you are watching it, you can see every bit of that cash up on screen.  My favorite part of this movie was Jason Momoa. After watching it a second time, I don’t think this man is acting at all.  I think this is just him having the time of his life and that comes across when you watch this movie.  I am happy to have read that Aquaman has become WB’s highest grossing comic book movie passing the Dark Knight Rises.  A much deserved honor.

My list of negatives on this movie is very short.  I would agree that the story had some plot holes but those can be overlooked.  Some people are upset by the run time, but if I was James Wan and got one shot to make an Aquaman movie, I would swing for the fences as well.  Some feel that we received another lame villain, but I feel that Black Manta and Ocean Master stole a lot of the scenes they were in.

This was my favorite movie of the year. I hope that WB will continue with this style of comic book movie.  I will be first in line when Aquaman 2 hits theaters.