The Old Man & the Gun

IMDB score: 6.9, Tomato Meter: 92% Audience: 64%

A bank robber with a smile? The movie is based off of a true story about Forrest Tucker played by Robert Redford. The stellar cast is rounded out by Casey Affleck as the detective trying to catch Tucker. Sissy Spacek plays the woman who loves Tucker despite knowing of his profession (kind of), followed by Danny Glover and Tom Waits as his team of sometimes associates.

The movie highlights the fact that according to lore each person being robbed talked about how calm and polite Tucker was with each robbery, with some even reporting he was smiling the whole time. Everything is so calm that Affleck’s character John Hunt is in one of the banks when it gets robbed and doesn’t realize it was going on. So starts the pursuit of the geezer gang.

All in all this movie was a worthy watch:

Pros: The cast is as expected, great. The story is told in such a way that in engages the watcher from the very beginning. It’s a good intelligent heist film with very likable characters on both sides of the law.

Cons: I always hate glorifying a criminal even if it is Robert Redford!

On a 1-10 scale I say a solid 7.