Avengers Infinity Wars

This might have been the event movie of the summer.  I had an idea going into this flick that the stakes were going to be raised and some of my favorite characters might not going to make it out alive.  And right out the gate we lose Loki and Helmdall, two of my favorites.  The speed of this movie was great and the CGI was greater than what I was expecting.  I loved watching Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw.  Ebony Maw stole every scene he was in.  The character development of Thaons was stronger than what I was expecting.  You can tell he believes he is the hero of his own story.  I enjoyed this movie’s pace and story from start to finish.  This movie was so big that we were unable to spend a large amount of time with some of our favorite heroes such as Captain America and the Hulk.  It is hard to fit that many story lines in a three hour movie.  I did feel a bit cheated when I walked out of the theater.  When you think about it, the “Snap” had no really consequences.  Once I saw T’Challa dust away, I knew that these dusting deaths would not mean anything.  Knowing that Black Panther 2, Spiderman Far From Home, Guardians f the Galaxy Vol 3, and Doctor Strange 2 had been green lit, watching those heroes fade away meant nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly sad, but long run these deaths meant little to the over narrative.  Instead of being sad after leaving the movie, all I could think about was how are they going to bring these guys back in Avengers 4.

Pros: Seeing that many of our favorite Heroes share the screen together was incredible.  Not only did Josh Brolin killed it as Thanos, he made us sympathetic to the Mad Titan.  Rocket, Groot, and Thor stole most of the movie.  Just give me a three hour movie of those guys planning a bank heist.  RDG did not phone this one in and it felt more like the Tony Stark of the first Ironman.  The IronSpider and Ironman suit’s CGI was incredible.  I also enjoyed the misdirection that the trailers provided.  I was fully expecting the Hulk to bust out and save the day in the third act. My favorite movement, Thor joining the battle armed with Stormbreaker.

Cons: The small amount of time we were only able to spend with some of our favorite heroes.  Vision and the Scarlet Witch’s relationship and story felt forced.  The Hulk wimping out becoming a no show.  Starlord ruining the plant to defeat Thanos felt a little far fetched.  And why didn’t Doctor Strange use the time stone to fix things?  But my biggest issue with this movie was the deaths of some of our favorite heroes.  I feel Marvel cheated us by killing off heroes that we all know will be back.  The death of Tony, Cap, or Thor would have upped the ante for Avengers 4.

My overall opinion of Avengers Infiity War:  This movie was incredibly enjoyable and sparked some great conversations between Marvel fans.  I am excited to own this movie when it comes out this summer.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie a 9.  I had some issues with the plot and ending, but once again Marvel delivered  an epic comic book movie.