Wind River

After our first podcast, I decided that I would watch one of the under the radar movies that Othy and Russ were suggesting. So I decided to watch the uplifting film Wind River. Russ may call it Cold Noir, I just call it a place I would never want to visit. Give me beach noir any day. So this movie is about a death on an Native American reservation in Wyoming. The movie did a fantastic job showing the hardship of life in the tribal land. It was tough to understand the culture of these people but this film helped me to understand a little better. I loved the story line and the move had very few dragging moments and kept moving quiet swiftly.

Pros: Jeremy Renner has a way of not showing any emotion but still conveying perfectly what he is feeling inside. I really felt his character. There is a scene when he meets with the father of the slain girl and it was intense. You understood the relationship of two men who were there to cry with each other. Secondly Othy talked about the cutting of the movie from the past to the present, it was really well done and a great way to tell the story!

Cons: Elizabeth Olsen, did not care for her. I wanted the character to be more of either a clueless girl who wanted to be tough or good cop that hasn’t found her way yet. I think I got clueless girl that hasn’t found her way. I didn’t care for the character or at least how it was portrayed.

My overall opinion of Wind River:  I really enjoyed it. It told a compelling story that had a message that we should care about. Well edited and good performance from Renner.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie an 8.  Definitely worth a watch.