Based on all the reviews I had read, I was very excited to see this movie. And I will say, this movie does not disappoint. This is the sequel we should have gotten many years ago. The acting, movie pacing, scares, and score were all on point. I was not ready to leave the theater when this movie ended. I was already up for more from this world.

Pros: The acting is on point. Jamie Lee Curtis kills it as Laurie Strode. New comer Andi Matichak stole most of the scenes. The cinematography is incredible. David Gordon Green set up some great visuals throughout the movie. The movie’s ending was unpredictable for once, something I did not see coming. There are a few good jump scares and the movie was suspenseful all the way through.

Cons: The plot with the DR almost took me out of the movie. There are a few plot holes that are hard to wrap your head around, but do not take you out of the overall experience. Andi Matichak’s character was a bit wasted at the end. I really thought they were setting it up for her to become the new Lori Strode in the upcoming movies. She seems like a great actress and one who could carry the Halloween franchise if Jamie Lee Curtis ever drops out.

My overall opinion: this gives us exactly what we were looking for. A great sequel to the orginal Halloween movie and a great horror flick to see this time of year.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie an 8. Great follow up to the original and a solid horror flick to see in October.