Episode 76: News and Television

We talk about the not so news worthy movie news of 2021 and the television shows we are watching to get by






The Little Things

The Little Things wants to be a movie absorbed in its meticulous clues and details. Yet, many of its key pieces and performances feel totally out of sync with each other, creating a suspense thriller that stumbles over itself. The plot "twist" lands with an underwhelming and frustrating thud, as you go from "who did it?" to "is that it?".  My main issue with this movie is its ending.  It is just completely unsatisfying. This might be the one time I recommend skipping a Denzel Washington movie....


Unhinged has a lot of shock and awe, but no real substance or plot.  If there's a redeeming feature to this movie it's Russell Crowe’s performance.  Unfortunately, we never learn Crowe’s true motive other than he just snapped one day. If you are a fan of the 1993 movie Falling Down movie starting Michael Douglas, you might want to give Unhinged a chance.  Otherwise this is an easy skip.

The Informer

The Informer is like an experiment to see if an amazing cast can make uninspired material worth watching.  Spoiler alert, the answer is No. The Informer is not bad, it is just nothing special.  The story is overly familiar and takes some odd twist and turns that stretch the plot’s credibility.  The saving grace to this movie is its cast.  The Informer has an all-star cast including Joel Kinnaman, Ana de Armas, Rosamund Pike, and Clive Owen just to name a few. If you’re like me, searching for...

The New Mutants

Maybe its just the longing for new material in me, but I really enjoyed The New Mutants.  The issues this film had from the delays, reshoots, and director fighting with the studio can been seen on the screen.  This movie doesn’t seem to have a true identity, is it a superhero movie, horror flick, or drama?   I couldn’t decide. The cast is by far the silver lining of this movie.  Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and Anya Taylro-Joy (The Queens Gambit) steel each scene they are in.  I wish we...

Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman is a great movie that is full of surprises, well-paced comedy, and a ton of satisfying and shocking moments. Carey Mulligan gives a dynamite performance that could generate some buzz come award season. Director Emerald Fennel really brings this world to life with his use of vibrant pastel colors. Promising Young Woman is wildly entertaining, while being both troubling and disturbing.  If you are looking for a good revenge flick, look no further.


If you enjoy spy movies with double crosses, triple crosses, and quadruple crosses, then this is the movie for you.   Over and over, the movie proceeds down one narrative path, then jumps back as each twist reveals a new, hidden thread.  The director keeps the story and action clear while deftly slipping in minor details that prove crucial later on. Sasha Luss (Anna) and Helen Mirren (Olga) have true chemistry as teacher / student.  Anna delivers on the action and miss direction. This might be...

Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn has all the elements to make a great crime drama, but it meanders its way into the meh. As a piece of storytelling Motherless Brooklyn just feels so lifeless, with any real sense of danger and excitement seeping out of the picture.  Norton’s performance could have come off as comical, but somehow is memorable. For a first-time big budget director, I will give Norton a pass.  I am excited to see what he might do in the future.  If you absolutely love Noir Movies, this might...


I think we have all seen this movie.  The Abyss meets Aliens with a bit of The Poseidon Adventure, a lot of Pacific Rim and a dash of The Meg in this subaquatic sci-fi that offers nothing more than the sum of its references.  Typical storytelling, mans greed brings out a monster to destroy the world. The characters are one dimensional, empathy is lacking, and the action moves in a mechanical, predictable, and dull way.  Kristen Stewart couldn’t save this movie.  After watching I understand why...

Wonder Woman 1984

The charm from the original Wonder Woman movie is sadly missing.  I am not sure what happened to this movie, Patty Jenkins seem to have all the time in the world but build an incredible sequel, in which she failed. WW84 takes no advantage from its 80s set up or the double villain scheme, delivering a mindless story that steers too far from the tone set in the previous installment in the worst way possible. There are just too many issues with this movie for me to write about.  You will be able...


Christopher Nolan seems to be a master at telling a story backward.   Tenet is Nolan’s most ambitious film to date.  This is easily one of the best  action films I have seen this year, but it leaves you with one hell of a headache attempting to understand the plot and storyline. Tenet is an intense ride to watch.  I cannot even imagine how much work went into creating these actions scenes.  It is a shame more film goers were not able to see this movie in theaters due to Covid 19. Tenet’s plot...


Bloodshot is an action packed comic movie that is so predictable you can guess the outcome in the first 20 minutes.  This movie had such great potential to usher in a different comic book movie outside the realms of the Marvel movies, but the acting and pace didn’t live up to the billing. The movie is action packed and has some incredible visual effects, but that’s about it.  The story, dialog, and pacing seem like they were pulled from an old 80 action movie.  Vin Diesel and Guy Pearce are...

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Thank goodness for Sorkin's gift for dialogue.  It saved this film from obscurity. The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a highly competent legal drama that's entertaining because of the cast's fluency in the ping-pong of dialogue that's an essential feature of Sorkin's scripts.  This could be one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s best roles. If you are a looking for a solid film to view on Netflix, look no further as this is one of its best originals.

It Chapter 2

It Chapter 2 felt rushed and far less captivating as the its predecessor.   It chapter two traded scares for humor, which is a huge disappointment for fans of the 2017 movie.  I was expecting an elevated experience with more nightmares.  What we received was an anti-climactic mess with a ton of plot holes.The writers and director had three hours to tell a story, but it goes absolutely nowhere and fails to answer any burning questions.   Instead of building on the incredible...

Sonic the Hedgehog

If you are searching for a fun escape, Sonic is the movie for you.  The adventure that ensues may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but as far as video game adaptions go, this one is a lot of fun. I was worried about Jim Carrey’s Dr Robotnick from the trailers, but Carrey’s insanity and over the top acting works here.  Carrey and Marsden have incredible on screen chemistry that leaves you wanting more back and forths between the two.  Sonic offers an endearing message about...

Tiger King

Where do I even start with this Dumpster Fire of a documentary.  The majority of documentaries we review have a point or story to tell, I am still at a loss for what Tiger King was about.  Tiger King sells itself on its increasingly bizarre twists.  My best guess is that Tiger King is a cautionary tale about letting feuds die quickly before they get out of hand.I was late to the Tiger King party and only started watching it to understand all the social media memes and comments. ...